Christy Cook



 23 East Close,                                                            53 Earlsdon Street, Hinckley,                                                                                       Earlsdon, Leics,                                                                                                Coventry, LE10 2TU,                                                                                      CV5 6EL,

Personal Profile

At the moment I am in a three year course at Coventry University doing a degree in photography and I am looking for a job to help me through it and to develop myself. I feel I am up to date with the current culture and I’m interested in lots of things including fashion, music and lifestyle. I am confident in the things I do and have a pro-active mind when it comes to learning new skills and starting new projects. I have mainly worked in catering/bar work and feel I have a lot of customer service experience from this and can deal with different problems/ situations. I bring my own personality to my work and find myself always up for a new challenge.

Education and qualifications

2004-2007 John Cleveland College
    English- C
    Science- C
    Math- D
    Geography- B
    Textiles- B
2007- 2009 North Warwickshire & Hinckley College
   National Diploma in Art & Design
2009-present Coventry University
    Ba Honours Photography

Works Experience

December 2010

Clothes Show 2010, Birmingham clothes event, Event photographer.

My main job at the clothes show was to photograph Coventry Universities fashion students stall. I photographed the students interacting with the customers, promoting the university, selling products and giving away free posters. I also got the chance to walk around the actual event and photograph more of the show. I got the opportunity to shoot a mini catwalk show and walk around and see what other photographers were doing. I feel I gained a lot from doing this work experience and it gave me a big insight into photographing events such as this.

August 2009- present

Cafe Latino, Italian restaurant, Waitress & bar staff.

While working at Cafe Latino I have gained experience with customers and how to help and deal with them, also it has given me the opportunity to Solve and deal with problems on my own. I feel like I have learnt a lot of communication skills due to being on the phone and talking to regular customers. As well as working on my own it has taught to me to work with my fellow staff. My responsibilities included food handling, food service, drinks porter, glass collection, cutlery and crockery preparation, hot drink service, money/bill management, functional arrangements, inter-personal skills, bar work, cleaning, shift preparation, telephone communications, booking arrangements and order taking.

November 2008- May 2009

Altro Mondo, Italian restaurant, Waitress & bar staff.

This was my first job dealing with food and drink and it taught me a lot about customer service and how to deal with customer’s problems and situations. It showed me how to interact not only with customers but with my fellow waitress’s and chefs. Also it gave me the opportunity to improve my communication skills dealing with regular customers and instructions from my other staff. My responsibilities included food handling, food service,  cutlery and crockery preparation, drinks porter, glass collection, functional arrangements, inter-personal skills, bar work, cleaning, shift preparation.

May 2007- September 2008

Johnson’s, Safety clothing company, Junior temp.

Working at Johnson’s helped me a lot with dealing with problems and memorizing lots of different things. I had to take responsibility of orders coming into the office and going out of the office which made me learn to stick to a routine and also follow simple or complicated orders from my fellow staff. With this job I learnt how to take responsibility for certain things and how to deal with these either on my own or with fellow staff. It also helped me with communication skills as I was on the phone and email a lot. My responsibilities included order taking and printing, ITC and phone communication, filing, faxing, posting, sorting mail, daily preparation and photocopying.

Interests and activities

My main interest is photography and I love anything to do with it, I also enjoying going out and socializing and spending time with my family especially my little brother. Also I’m a keen fan of music, fashion, food and culture and spend a lot of time either on the internet looking for new and up and coming things or out and about travelling.
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