SWOT analysis


  • I am a pro-active person so I believe I will do ok with finding new projects to work with.
  • I am also good at accepting challenges and feel I can easily jump into new projects.
  • I am easy to get along with and can work well in groups or with other people.
  • I have good communication skills which will help in making connections and working with fellow practitioners.
  • Working alongside a friend will also help me gain confidence and will be able to swap knowledge and ideas.


  • I could improve with my time management which means giving myself more time and making sure I stick to deadlines.
  • I could do with having more connections with the photography industry and promoting myself more.
  • I could have aimed to high and may not be able to achieve all targets/proposals.


  • Working with professional photographers will expand my connections and knowledge.
  • Working around fellow practitioners will give me the chance to experience what it’s like in the industry.
  • Exhibiting my work online will give a wider audience the chance to see my work.
  • Exhibiting my work in other forms will let me gain response and ideas.
  • Working with other practitioners will increase my knowledge and understanding.


  • Other practitioners working within a similar field could cause conflicts and competitiveness.
  • Not setting my deadlines correctly could cause time loss which could then lead to unfinished work/unsubstantial work.
  • I could possible use the wrong form of exhibiting my work therefore meaning I could lose out on my audience and then my photographs not looking how I want them to look.
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