One of the first things we had to do for the module was to install wordpress onto a server space, I already have web hosting with from a previous project so I didn’t need to worry about buying it for this module. Unfortunately with they don’t have a control panel which meant we had to install wordpress manually, there was others in the class which were signed up to so we were all able to follow Matt’s instructions at the same time and all got on the same level.

Firstly we needed to download wordpress as a zip file and save it to the desktop, this then had to be uploaded to the server space. For this I had to link my computer to the server space using an FTP address and password, once this connection is made it  makes it easier to upload further files. The next step was to set up a MySQL database with the server, this would make uploading files and updating things much easier and quicker.

After installing everything the next step was to update and personalize wordpress for myself. This new allows us to download dfferent themes and edit them ourselves so I started to have a play around with different themes and then edit the css and see what changes and edits I can make to make this new blog space personalized for myself.

I started off by simply just changing the colour of my background from white to purple…

I then had a go at putting an image as the background, for this I went to:

From there I had to have an image that already existed onto the internet and copy and paste.

I had 2 problems with my images: 1) the image was too big so it cut out a lot of the image…

2) the image was too small which meant the image tiling and giving me my image in multiples…

I think these are fairly simple problems I can over come, I’ll just need to choose a standard size image that will fit better.

I am going to continue messing about in the wordpress css becuase I think I there will lots of changes I can make and therefore have my own personlised blog/ site.

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