Len Lye exhibition at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

This week I took a trip to Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery to see pieces of work by Len Lye. I had never seen Len Lye’s work and didn’t know what it was about so it was good having something new to look forward to seeing.

At the exhibition we first saw short films that he was commissioned to do by the general post office, at first I didn’t actually know what his short films were about but after seeing four from the exhibition it got more obvious. Len Lye often works in a direct style, by this I mean he paints straight onto the film itself.

We then saw some sculptures that Len Lye started to work with, I found them really different and unusual mainly because at first sight they didn’t really like like anything but it wasn’t until they started moving/making noises etc that I found them quite interesting, I then found out that he incorporated motors into his sculptures.

After the exhibition we had a task to take a set of photographs depicting birmingham but not showing it in a tourist way. I will upload the images soon.

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