4/2/2010 lecture

This video was shown to us in this weeks lecture and it really sparked debate.

People were asking whether or not it is right for someone to be spending time interacting with something that isn’t real rather than going out and interacting with someone that is real. This made made me think though that just because they are talking to a screen doesn’t mean that they aren’t being social because in a way they are, and they are learning how to actually be social and get social skills. There are obviously pro’s and con’s do things like this but I think it’s a very big development in technology whether people like it or not they’ll still have to acknowledge that this is going to be big!

Another thing that as brought up was the way in which people feel the need to escape there own life by either reading, watching television, playing games, listening to music etc. There all sorts of ways in which people do something to forget another, I know when I’m sitting watching Eastenders I’m not thinking twice about how much uni work I have to do, I’m more concerned as to whose died and whose pregnant. But why do people feel the need to do this, whether they realize there doing it or not they are still preferring an imaginary reality to there own.

If I think back to when I was a kid, I never wanted to be inside and even if I was I was more than likely playing a board game or a game than involved more than one person, but nowadays kids aren’t bothered about going out, they would easily stay in and watch television or play a computer game. I know this first hand because I have a 6 year old brother that spends more time talking to his xbox more than he does me!

But I just believe its all down to development! Books developed into televisions into computers into play-stations into internet into the wii etc. People just seem to follow it though because whether your being brought up on it or you just want to be involved into the new fashion statements. I know that if I had the money I’d probably go out and buy the Amazon Kindle even though I love reading and holding a book.

At the same time there’s always someone whose going to moan and whine about it. How many times have you heard your parents/grandparents say something along the lines ‘It wasn’t like that in my day’ but give 50 years and my generation will be saying the exact same thing when there’s holograms popping up all over the place. I think people need to take it as it comes and just enjoy it and when things start to become like I-robot…then we should worry!

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