Creative brief experiment…

After thinking about my creative brief I did a quick couple of test shots..

These were literally taken within a second of me writing my initial idea and I grabbed the nearest camera like object and shot away. I wanted to see how they would look (rough) and to see whether or not this idea would work or not.

I think I’m definitely going to follow this idea up because there seems like a lot of ways I could go within in, I feel it will be an appropriate subject to follow within this module because our generation at the minute is so focused on the internet and technology and by showing how ‘work’, ‘rest’ and ‘play’ can all be overlapped and repeated within each set will show how versatile the Internet is and how much an be done with it. I want to show the repetitiveness of how, for example, facebook can be used in all three sets because people can us facebook for resting and interacting with friends, playing games and then also networking photos and work. So by showing the repetitiveness within different websites it may show how versatile the Internet is and can be.

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