Birmingham Photo/video idea…

I’ve been thinking about an idea for my birmingham video and one idea got me thinking, the initial photos I took from the trip to birmingham I somehow lost on my camera. I initially was going to re take images around coventry but instead I had a few photos from birmingham that I had taken for previous modules/ projects.

So the idea i had was to take these images which were shot in Digbeth, Birmingham, which was a place I went out at night a lot in my first year and with a friend that studied in Birmingham and make a narrative about the place but with contrasting images. These images reflect nothing like the night life I saw but they reflect the day time that I hardly ever saw. To make the contrast more distinctive I had an idea about putting an audio/music in the background, this music would be the sort of music that I would listen to and what would get played at these night club events.

So far I’m half way through constructing my video and choosing the right images and audio, I’m looking forward to see how this video turns out and whether or not the narrative works well.

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