Static page mock ups…

Although I was unsure whether or not I wanted a static page for my site I decided to do some mock ups. I decided I didnt want a photograph on the static page therefore I could make a sort of logo design of my name and then worked out that I would need 6 other page links, for;

  • Blog
  • Module blog
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Biography
  • Contact

This is my first design..

I decided to go with a plain theme: black’s, white’s and grey’s. I also took 10 minutes to look for a suitable font and I finally went with one called Orator Std.

I uploaded my first design into dreamweaver and found it not to be that successful because it was scaling properly which I thought would cause problems when it was live. Therefore I went back to make a second design, this design was pretty much the same as the first one but I just changed the background to white.

This uploaded well so I continued to work with this design style. Because I am not going to use an image in my static page I then went straight onto making the page links. I decided to also make these into Photoshop as I thought it would make things easier and I could just put them as a link once they were uploaded to Dreamweaver.

The next step for me was to upload the page links into Dreamweaver so I made a 1×6 table and uploaded each page link, then once they were all uploaded I linked them to there actual page.

I came upon one problem which was that I didn’t have a page for my ‘Biography’ and ‘Contact’ links. So instead of having to make more Dreamweaver pages I decided to link them to a page on my existing blog. For this I simply went to my site and made myself a new page for both biography and contact and copied the links from them into the link box in Dreamweaver.

This is my Final static page (not yet though)…

The last problem that occurred was that my table was scaleable…

This problem meant that on smaller screens the page wouldnt be seen properly, Im currently still working on this problem!

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