Interesting videos..

After being shown this video in 25/2/2011 lecture it reminded me of a video I had been shown in another module, that I took an interest in:

I really like this video and it kind of inspired my own creative brief ideas. I like the way in which its showing a whole life spanned out through Facebook. I find Facebook interesting because although its virtual and online its more realistic than actual avatar games because Facebook is about your own personal life rather than making an ‘alter-ego’ (although I’m sure there’s some weird profiles on Facebook). I’m not sure how this video was done; whether they did it over a few years and put all the information together or they did it in a  matter of days but I think it would be a really interesting project to screen shot Facebook everyday and collaborate all the images together once Facebook has been stopped being used and make it into a sort of photo album like a reminiscence.

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