Final project brief/ideas…

“Lets set out the parameters for the 1 minute module task.

Obviously it is limited in time no more or no less than 1 minute.
As part of the consideration of screen space at some point during the minute I want you to make use of the division of the screen space into distinct areas. This has to be driven by a reason and for some affect on the viewer. It can be a split screen or multiple screens.
You may also include compositing effects that we have touched upon in the workshops.
The use of sound is important and needs to work integrally with the images, this may be in term of rhythm, or counterpoint to the images.

The overall theme for the piece is very open and based on an interpretation of the idea of scene or scape. The word scene is interesting in its derivation from the Greek skēnḗ.

It is very promiscuous in its variety of usages. Scene can be a landscape, scenery in terms of the painted stage flats, scenography in terms of painted surfaces using rules of perspective. It can include a division in terms of a dramatic work, the scenes of a play, we can also make a scene by behaving in a florid or dramatic fashion.
Scene is a word that has an enormous kind of potential in the variety of its usages over history. It could summarised tentatively as a way of arranging something.
In terms of the idea of scape we can find the suffix being used across disciplines like landscape or data scape and in each of these different areas the notion of ordering, arranging an array are evident. Or determining the conditions of its appearance in the world.”

This is the creative brief for our final project, it is really open and can be interpreted in lot’s of different ways so I think plenty of research will need to do be done in order to put me on the right track and to give me some ideas because at the minute I am pretty lost.

After recently having a small tutorial with my tutor I got the idea to use Canon 5D for filming. Being a photography student I have to opportunity to use this kind of camera and it’s video function. I was given some advice and some direction as to were to go with this brief and also given some names of other artists to look at. After this tutorial I got straight onto Vimeo and Youtube and simply searched the ‘Canon 5D’ and these are the videos that caught my eye;

This is the first time I’ve seen anything shot on a Canon 5D and I have to say it looks amazing! It looks really detailed and I think they look really successful so I am exciting to get my hands on one of these cameras and see what I can do. In my tutorial I was also given the name ‘Phillip Bloom’ to look at, Basically he gives help and advice on shooting with Canon 5D’s so I will take a look at his work to help me out with the use of the cameras.

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