Completely unplanned…

Yesterday I found myself in the most perfect situation. We had some friends come round my house and within seconds we found ourselves ALL either playing on Iphones or on laptops. As soon as I took note of this I grabbed my camera and just had to get evidence of what was going on, to be honest it actually really shocked me. I just found it so amazing that 6 people were sitting around playing games, showing each other things, sending each other things etc but ALL via some form of technology!!!!

I also decided to shoot a video, I set up my camera on the window sill and just let it play. What I found weird was that because I started playing a game on my friends Iphone, I completely forgot about the camera myself and got too wrapped up playing!! Once i remembered I stopped filming and found that I had left the camera filming for 20 minutes, but it only felt like 5 minutes to me!!

Im just going to start editing the video so it will be up shortly.

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