Project idea…

With the final brief out I’ve been thinking about what I want to shoot and what kind of video I want to make, so it’s had me thinking. With the brief specifying the word ‘scenery’, I jump to the conclusion that it has to be something pretty and scenic but when I thought deeper ‘scenery’ can be anything and anywhere! So I thought a little more about what I wanted to capture on video and started thinking about my little brother. I used to take so many photos of him but now that I’m living in Coventry and have a bigger work load I just don’t seem to have the time. This is something that affects both me and my brother because I believe ever since I have moved away he acts differently around me and acts like he doesn’t want me around but then when I do go home he doesn’t leave me alone. So I wanted to some how portray this in my video/project. I have no idea how but I’m going to have to work on it. Anyway here are a few images I shot last year of my brother, Joe…

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