4/3/2011 lecture…

Our recent lecture was really interesting in the fact that it talked about social networking taking over and the pro’s and con’s for it.

One topic that was spoken about was how easy it is for people to disguise themselves as something there not, for example; a rubbish photographer can have a really well designed website that makes them look better than they actually are. This can also be the other way round, someone can have really good images but not get the credit they deserve because they have a badly designed website or there don’t network enough.

I remembered a couple of Facebook pages that I thought would be appropriate…



On the subject of disguising yourselves, there is a pretty serious topic and that is with fake Facebook profiles, hacking and stalking. There are so many stories of how people have met online and then met up in real life and things not going to plan. I found this news article pretty interesting/disturbing.


It was really intriguing to read about all these bad situations that have happened just because of updates and photos n Facebook and it’s actually quite scary. I know it’s only a small minority that will fall for things such as fake profiles etc but these kind of people need to be looked after and I strongly agree with the fact that some social networking sites need to look into safety features. But at the same time I think that if someone meets someone online or gets themselves into a bad situation its there own fault because most people know when and where to be careful but people will only go with there own chooses and decisions.

On the other hand there are the odd fake Facebook sites that are there to get us laughing and remind us that life’s not all doom and gloom. The fake barack Obama profiles and the groups that I mentioned earlier, There’s many of times i’ve been sat on Facebook and seen a funny group and found myself laughing out loud and clicking ‘join’.

Another topic we talked about was how fast videos and images spread across the internet. The majority of videos on YouTube are shot with cheap cameras and were upload just to share with a few family and friends. But recently YouTube videos have become the biggest and most expensive viral videos ever. And it’s not only just the original video that becomes big, people re-make a lot of the videos they see by either making a whole new video or editing the original to make it there own. But something that intruiges me is how these videos get so big and are all over social networking sites within hours/days?!

We were shown a video about Bonsai cats which was a spoof website about how to put your cats into different glasses/ vases and turn them into different funny shapes. Things like this are either strongly loved or strongly hated and this is one of the main reasons why videos and images become so big within a matter of hours/days. When something is ‘loved’ people want to share it and show everyone they know how funny and amazing this new thing is but then on the other hand when something is ‘hated’ people still want to share it but want to do the opposite and show people how disgusting and horrible this thing is.

One last thing I want to mention from this lecture is about something I heard recently. It was basically a charity event for World Aids day back in November 2010 where celebrities would not go on Twitter or Facebook. When I first heard this I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever because I didn’t see how it would help it any way. And I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of celebrities having cravings just to update there statuses and let there fans know everything they were doing. But at the same time it was for charity and if they manage to achieve what they wanted to then well done celebrities!!!

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