‘Play’ video

The video that I spoke about in an early post, well I have decided to use this for  my ‘Play’ section of the creative brief. I started editing it together this week but stumbled upon a problem when trying to upload it to both YouTube and Vimeo. Basically the video is 20 minutes long, and YouTube and Vimeo can only take 10 minute ling videos so I needed to edit it down. The thing is because I think the video works well being 20 minutes I didn’t want to cut out any of the footage so I thought about editing the video into 2 separate 10 minute videos, this meant it could be uploaded better and also I haven’t lost any footage and the video will be just as effective. Then I had another thought, I came to the conclusion that even though the video would be effective with the whole 20 minutes the audience wouldn’t want to watch a 2o minute long video so I had an idea to speed the video up. This would be a better option because I wont loose any of the footage, I wont have to separate it and it would be better for the audience. This, however, is still a work in progress but I’am hoping to get it edited and up within the week.

Here is a sneaky screen shot of the video…

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