Editing process & experiments

One difficulty I came across was some of  my footage was shot the wrong way so I had to try get it the right way up. I’ve had this problem before but with photos and not actual footage so I thought it would cause me more problems but it was a similar process, I just needed to select image and wireframe and play around with that setting.

One thing I liked about editing the footage was seeing all the transitions I could use, there was plenty to choose from I had a little play around but found for this video the dissolve settings worked best so I stuck with using them during the making of the video.

There was one element to the video that we all had to include and that was to have a split/multiple screen. I didn’t have any idea how to do this but got a fellow student to help and soon figured it out. I found it pretty easy to do after I had a few attempts and I actually really like the effect it gives, its a good way of showing multiple things and not loosing any footage or images.

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