New York Diary: Day 1

My first day in New York was so exciting! It was really surreal and I kept having to pinch myself and telling myself where I actually was. The day started long because we had been waiting at the airport to board and then had to endure a 6 hour-long flight with further waiting once we arrived. It took us a while to get from the airport to the hotel but it was a nice way to start the long weekend, we had chance to take in all the sights from a bus journey and prepare for the busy schedule. Once we arrived we dropped our bags and went straight out, not wanting to waste any time. We were on the same street as Times Square so started off by just having a walk up and down there and seeing. It was weird seeing all these ikon places in real life, it’s completely different from when you see it on the tv or in films but at the same time it’s exactly the same because it’s just how you imagine it. We continued to walk up and around Times Square, we didn’t want to venture any further on our first day as we didn’t want to get lost and also it was starting to get dark. So far my first day in NYC was amazing.

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