New York Diary: Day 2

My second day in NYC consisted of a trip to the Empire State Building, which was unbelievable. Looking up from the bottom to the top of the Empire State made it look massive and even though I’m not normally scared of heights, it made me nervous. The que wasn’t as bad as we expected but there was still an hour an hour wait but they moved pretty quickly. There was a lot of processes to go through on the way up, first of all was the security which I knew would be tight but not as tight as it was, we had to remove all coats and jackets and technology things for them to be scanned. Once this part was over we headed to the lifts, we got the first set of lifts to the 80th floor but then had to get off and wait for another lift to go to the 86th floor. The wait for the second lift was 20 minutes and the staff suggested that people take the stairs to the 86th floor. So we decided  we’d walk instead of wait and thought 6 floors wouldn’t be too bad, we were wrong! They were quicker but very tiring and we were so out of breath when we finally got there. Once we had recovered we went outside onto the platform, it was a really sunny day but at the same time extremely windy which made it pretty cold up there. The views were amazing and I loved the fact that you could see in four different directions all over looking New York. You could see for miles and it was really wonderful being able to see all the ikon places just in one place, we saw the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Ground Zero, the Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Once we got down from the Empire State we took a trip to Soho, as this had been a recommended place to visit. We had to get on the Subway to go here which was a bit daunting but surprisingly quite easy once you get your bearings.  Soho was a much posher place than midtown and it wasn’t as tourist-y, but still it was a nice little place. We took a walk round and did some shopping then decided to had back to Times Square. We hadn’t been to Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s but someone had told us earlier in the day to visit Macy’s flower show so we headed there. The flower took up the whole ground floor of Macy’s make-up, shoe and bag department and looked amazing, at first I didn’t think any of the flowers were real but after touching them and seeing the soil, I realised that every single flower/plant/tree that was there was real which made it even more amazing.

After a long day we headed back to our hotel and decided to eat at one of the restaurants situated in out hotel. One of the best things about New York has to be the food, it’s on the second day I’ve already eaten loads and want to eat more. We sat down in a really American styled diner and had ate steak and chips with all the trimmings.

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