New York Diary: Day 4

Our fourth day meant getting back on the Subway and heading back down to Brooklyn, as we didn’t have time before to go to see the Statue of Liberty. By now we were pretty used to the Subway and found it really easy especially as we realised that Penn station was opposite our hotel. Another plus side was that in Penn Station was a Krispy Kreme donut shop which we couldn’t resist popping to before we got on the Subway! Because we went to Brooklyn the day before we knew were we where heading to. We stumbled across Wall Street which was very extravagant and a pretty amazing place to see, the main thing I noticed about Wall street was the security, it was unbelievably strict. It would only let one car through at time and the only way they could get through was when the actual road revolved allowing them to pass through, once they had got this far they had to have their car checked with sniffer dogs and then another bit of revolving road and then they were finally through.

We saw Liberty in the distance and decided to get in the que, the que took a while but going over to the island was something we both wanted to do so we stuck with and it soon passed quickly. We got on the boat and headed for top deck, again it was a lovely sunny day but the wind made it extremely cold. The boat set off and the coldness started, I could manage about 5 minutes holding my camera but after that I couldn’t feel my fingers. It was such a breathtaking sight and one that will stick in my head forever. Seeing the skyline was one thing and then being able to Liberty standing beside it was just amazing, we got off the boat and started the walk around the island. Liberty is known for being so small compared to all the other sky scraping buildings but when your standing underneath her she looks just as massive as the sky scrapers. I find her more interesting that the standard tall sky scrapers because she may not be as big as them but she’s been handcrafted and made into this beautiful ikon statue.

Afterwards we decided to head back but on a different route so we could see some more places, we passed Grand Central station and couldn’t resist not going in and having a look. I’ve seen films with Grand Central in so I knew what it looked like but when you actually see it for real its a million times more amazing. The whole vibe of the places was just incredible becuase of the amount of people that were there and to think about how many people pass through in just one day. After here we went on a mission to find the Rockefeller centre, it took us a while becuase we may have mastered the Subway but he hadn’t mastered the road signs, blocks or avenues. We got there in the end, after asking for directions, we had driven past the Rockefeller centre on the first day but wanted to go back to see why it was so special. As soon as we turned the corner we saw all the flags and it looked spectacular to look at! There was hundereds of flags circuling the middle of an ice rink which was situated in the middle of the Rockefeller centre. The rink was filled with children and even spotted what looked like professionals going around the rink, it seemed like such a nice place to chill and sit and watch the world.

After what seemed like the longest day ever, on the way home we stopped off at a TGI firday’s resturant and had a really nice meal. One thing I found while in New York was the dfferences between the locals attitudes, you’ll find person who would do anything to help/serve you and then you’ll find another who’s really abrupt and doesn’t want to know you. But in this resturant the staff were reallly nice and friendly and we sat there for a while watching Americas version of Dancing on Ice.


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