Dance shoot: Day 4

Today I gave my images to Sarah and the rest of the dance group. She seemed really pleased with the images and found that the shoot went well, she was also happy with my edits that I did for her. She definitely wants to do another shoot in the future, now that we’ve had this preliminary shoot next we can focus on which positions/edits/tc worked the first time round and we can prove on them in the next shoots. Sarah hs asked for next time to maybe do a costume and lighting shoot but these wont be untill the end of May, as that is when her Dance show begins.

I’ve told Sarah to keep in contact and let me know if she needs anything else doing with the photos, even if it is just a little photoshopping or even quickly re-doing certain shots to get them perfect. Sarah said that she would also let me know about the poster and website that she is setting up. I told her that I’ll be available to work with her while she does the poster and website as I have experience in both areas.

This is all still on going but I will keep this updated with further shoots and any progress I have.

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