New York: Day 6- Looking for online exhibition spaces

I’ve been looking into where I can show my New york images, I’ve never done anything like this before so it was all a bit new to me and I wasn’t really sure were/what to look for. I asked a fellow student about it because I knew she had done something like this for a previous module, and she showed me the site she used;

I decided to do some of my research into online portfolio type spaces and these are some of the ones that I found and took an interest to;

  •; this site that I found, at first, seemed really good and I really liked it and the things that I could do with it but I found that it wasn’t going to be able to suit my project, mainly becuase it only let me have 5 headers and I needed 6.
  •; I did really like this site and found the layout easy for people to use and see well. The only downfall about this one was the fact that the page wasn’t very fancy and didn’t allow to make many changes to it other than changing the colour of the background.
  •; after being suggested to look at this site, I thought I’d give it a go and seems to be the best one. The layout is the best I’ve seen and it seems really simple and easy to use. The only downfall to this site is how long it takes to upload images but I’ve chosen to use this site for my online exhibition anyway because I like it the most.
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