Whether the class does an exhibition OR a magazine, it’s going to cost some money!! So either we need to start saving or get some fundraising going on and in next weeks meeting im sure we’ll sort some things out. We got given some ideas from previous students as to what they did for fundraising, things like cakes sales, selling prints, doing random acts ect. I’m sure these were all succesful ideas and they are likely things that our class will be getting up to but I have had my own ideas. I have always wanted to do some T-shirt designing and it may be a bit of a far-fetched idea but I was thinking about potentially printing some students photography work onto T-shirts and selling them around. It’s only a small idea at the minute because I need to think whether or not people would buy them?! how much they are going to cost to be produced?! and whether I will make any profit on them?! I do really like this idea but its going to take some planning to work but ill see what I can do. Untill then looks like I’ll be in the kitchen baking cakes for the cake sale!!

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