Third year begins..

So I am officially in my third year and my god is it daunting!! Today was our first class and straight away we were talking about our final degree show and what we would like to do. There was suggestions for an exhibition at Free Range in London (, exhibitions in other places in London and Birmingham and also the suggestion of a magazine. The magazine idea really appealed to me and I like this idea more than doing an exhibition. Theres a meeting set up for next thursday to discuss further ideas and see what our class wants to do because it’s still up in the air at the minute.

I have had some of my own ideas already though such as; what sort of magazine it will be like? maybe a lookbook, catalogue or factual magazine. I like the idea of a sort of lookbook and have these type of books at home that I will take in to the meeting and see what people think of the idea. Also how much space each student will be able to use? from today I got the impression that only half of the class wanted to do a magazine which I thought may be better so we could make the book thinner/smaller and only have 2-3 pages per student. Like I said it’s still up in the air at the minute and there’s going to be a lot of planning to get this all sorted, good job we have a few months untill the dreaded day!

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