Artist Research

Initial research looking into intimacy and a dairistic way of shooting. Sally Manns’ ‘Immediate Family’ has always been one of my favourite pieces of work and fits it perfectly with this project.

Sally Mann (family)

Annie Leibovitz (family)

Annie Leibovitz is better known for her work with celebrities but the set of images she did below of her family really interested me. I like the intimacy and the way in which these images are completely different to her normal work.

Corrine Day (diary)

I love the way in which Corrine Day’s images tell a story and the way in which they seem like everyday moments of her life. This is the sort of thing I intend to work with in my projects.

Richard Billingham (family)

I’ve known about Richard Billinghams work for a while now and always been a fan of it. I like the way in which the subjects in the images are obviously his family but yet they don’t show the stereotypical family life and this makes you wonder why he has chosen to photograph and publish these images. I also like the way in which he has used a disposable camera instead of a digital or analogue camera.

Larry Clark (intimate/private)

These images by Larry Clark have never really interested me before because they are the sort of images I find appealing. But after looking further into his work and reading more about it I find them really intriguing. Even though they are very personal images I think they can be really easily related to for some people.

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