Artist Research

I looked further into family photography and photographers that focus on this style of photography and also photographers who don’t normally do this kind of style of photography. 

Larry Sultan (family)

I like the way in which Larry Sultan’s images seem posed and at the same time un-posed. The images make you feel like the subjects know the camera is there but are often choosing to ignore it. 

Mitch Epstein (family)

I found Mitch Epstein’s work similar to Richard Billingham’s because of the way they both the bad side of family life rather than the happy stereotypical family lifestyle. Epstein’s images are really thought provoking and can be easily related to. 

Nigel Shafran (wife)

Nigel Shafran has a few pieces of work that focuses on and around his family and family life. I have known about his work since college and always found it pretty interesting.

Robin Schwartz (daughter)

I stumbled across Robin Schwartz and found her work with her children really strong. I find some of her images to come across really natural even though they are all posed and staged.

Doug Dubois (family)

I find Doug Dubois’ images really contemporary which is interesting because I have found myself liking work that is quite old looking, however I think that some of the images are really nice and show a definite family lifestyle.

Terry Richardson (family)

Terry Richardson isn’t known for these sorts of images but I feel that these work really well. Even though they are very different from his normal work I am still able to see a similarity within these images. 

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