DVD research proposal


Why do people choose to photograph personal, private and intimate family moments, share them with the public and why are they of interest?!


DVD presentation


For my project I intend to look at personal, private and intimate photography, and why people choose to photograph certain things then show them to the world. I’m interested in photographers who photograph their family and what makes these photographs different from the standard family album photos. Then why the photographers feel the need to publish them and define them different from the standard family snapshots. Photographers who I was initially looking at were Sally Mann, Annie Leibovitz and Richards Billingham. It is making me question why people want to see photographs of other people’s families and whether I want my personal, private and intimate images shown around the world.


I also looked at Larry Clarke, Corrine Day and Nan Goldin, who didn’t photograph their family but photographed them and their friends in every day situations. This got me thinking about my life and the way I photograph my lifestyle and why I choose to share my images on social networking sites. Again why do I want everyone to see these images and who actually wants to see them. I also have thought about the way these personal, private and intimate images might make the audience feel, they could possibly feel awkward and that the images are too much or they could feel the opposite and connect with the image and feel that they are part of the personal, private and intimate moment.


My method of research will mainly be books, articles and journals and I intend to use the university library to find most of these as well as I my own books. The library may also give me option of finding documentaries, TV programmes or films which will broaden my research and give a different aspect.


I am going to read/look at as much research as possible, making notes and continually writing my own thoughts and ideas that I get from the research. I think this will work best because I can keep my thoughts up to date therefore I will keep progressing the more I read/find.


I have already done some initial research, such as reading my own books and finding practitioners books in the library and also online, which I already have some blogs posts on artists I have found. I intend to continue reading and looking for interesting things continually throughout this module to gain as much research as possible. I also would like to aim to have drafts of my project within the next few weeks and then continue to build upon it. By December I hope to have the full draft done and ready to be seen and marked for approval. After the draft submission I have a month to correct and further my research on areas that need improvement.




Billingham, Richard; 2000, Ray’s a laugh; (where published); Scalo.


Cotton, Charlotte; 2009; The photograph as contemporary art; new edition; London; Thames & Hudson.


Hirsch, Marianne; 1997; Family Frames, photography, narrative and post memory; USA; Harvard.


Leibovitz, Annie; 2008; At work; (where published); Jonathan Cape.


Mann, Sally; 1994; Immediate family; New York; Aperture.


Schwartz, Joan & Ryan, James; 2003; Picturing place, photography and the geographical imagination; New York; I.B.Tauris & Co.



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