Artist research

Nicolas Nixon

‘The Brown Sisters’ is one of Nicolas Nixon’s most famous pieces of work. His images aren’t obvious to show that these subjects are related to him in any way but the story behind them is a really interesting concept. The posed portraiture style isn’t the sort of style I am looking to adopt in my work but I find it works well here.


























Nick Waplington

Nick Waplington’s comes across as the stereotypical family life, however this series of images isn’t about his personal family it is just about a family he was photographing for a different concept. I find that really interesting as it shows that it is easy to assume one something about a set of images when they have a completely different meaning.

Steven Pyke

Steve Pyke’s work has been the most inspiring for me because I like the idea of making something visual to show the progression and development of someone. As I already have a big archive of images of Joe, I hope in the future I am able to construct something similar to this.

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