The Final #phonar Task: ‘A Life in the Day’

I’ve always enjoyed doing work involving my family and throughout the Phonar tasks I feel that including my family within the tasks has worked quite well. My family has a lot to do with my photography and if I ever get the chance to include them in my work I will. I’ve really enjoyed including them in my Phonar tasks and feel that for the ‘A life in the day’ task I could push previous tasks further and develop them.

I am constantly taking photo’s of my brother and so I have quite a big archive of images of him which I would love do something with and I think that there are a few ideas I could work around to make it work. Also I know my family has a big archive of older family photos that would make an interesting project.

I really enjoyed talking with my grandparents and hearing the different stories they have to tell. I would like to develop on this and ask more family members for stories and make them work alongside other photos from my family’s archive.

Steven Pyke is a photographer who photographs his sons every year and has made a project called ‘Jack in a box’. I’ve always liked this piece of work and found it really inspiring. Here is a little something that I’ve put together as an idea, some of the images aren’t of brilliant quality but there just a selection from the archive of images that I have.


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