The Final #phonar Task: ‘A Life in the Day’ idea…


What/who’s story are you going to tell?

After giving this task some thought I have decided to stick with the theme of my family and decided to put my focus towards my older brother, Nico. He suffers with ADHD and has done since he was young. It has never really been a big issue within my family but he is the family member that has always been known for this condition which either gets him in trouble or is used as an excuse. I’m not sure in which direction I would like to take this at the minute. I could either focus on Nico himself and tell the story of how he feels and how he has grew up with this condition or I could tell the story of a family member and how they feel about dealing with him and the effect it has had on the family. 


What are the broader issues that your project will discuss?

 The issues that my project will discuss will mainly be about my family and how this condition has affected certain family members, whether it has or not. There are several members I could talk to such mother, father, step-father, siblings even myself. The issues will show what it is like finding out a family member has ADHD, dealing with it, growing up with it, fighting it, finding solutions to help the condition, advantages and disadvantages of ADHD and learning to ignore it. I think I would also like to look into other people’s views and concepts of ADHD, rather that just focus on my family, I could speak to other family members and sufferer’s of ADHD. This would give a broader knowledge to show how ADHD affects people in different ways because my family’s story could be completely different from another family’s story.


Who will be most interested in hearing/engaging with the story?

The people most likely to take an interest in this project would be other ADHD sufferer’s or people who know a ADHD sufferer. I think it would be beneficial to an ADHD sufferer to read and see other people’s story’s about ADHD so they can understand how they feel and how they learn to cope with the fact that there are a lot of people who suffer from ADHD and they can come forth and speak about their life and help them deal with it. It would also be fairly beneficial for someone like a parent or carer of an ADHD sufferer to see a project like this as it will also help them to cope with what its like to see an ADHD sufferer grow up and how to deal with a sufferer. It may give them further knowledge about the condition therefore letting them know more about it and how to deal with sufferer’s.

How are you going to facilitate that?

I have not had a finalised idea about how I want to go about this project as it is fairly big and could go lots of different ways. As my family have a big archive of family photos I think using a selection of old images from when my brother was younger and  growing up (when his ADD was first diagnosed and at its worst) to now (when his ADD is barely a problem and not as bad as it used to be). A photo film may be a nice way to present it but I know that some people find it hard to talk about and tell story’s about so maybe showing photos of a sufferer would be hard. On the other hand I could not show photos of the actual sufferer but photos of their day-to-day life. I also like the idea of just audio and interviews, presenting it in a more formal manner, as if it’s an interview and less of a documentary. I could use a selection of audio/interviews from my family, either from my brother himself, telling his story about ADD and growing up with it. Or audio/interviews from other family members telling their side to the  story about what its like growing and dealing with someone who suffers from ADD.

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