The Final #phonar Task: ‘A Life in the Day’ research..

ADHD used to be known as attention deficit disorder, or ADD. In 1994, it was renamed ADHD and broken down into three subtypes, each with its own pattern of behaviors:

1. an inattentive type, with signs that include:

  • inability to pay attention to details or a tendency to make careless errors in schoolwork or other activities
  • difficulty with sustained attention in tasks or play activities
  • apparent listening problems
  • difficulty following instructions
  • problems with organization
  • avoidance or dislike of tasks that require mental effort
  • tendency to lose things like toys, notebooks, or homework
  • distractibility
  • forgetfulness in daily activities

2. a hyperactive-impulsive type, with signs that include:

  • fidgeting or squirming
  • difficulty remaining seated
  • excessive running or climbing
  • difficulty playing quietly
  • always seeming to be “on the go”
  • excessive talking
  • blurting out answers before hearing the full question
  • difficulty waiting for a turn or in line
  • problems with interrupting or intruding

3. a combined type, which involves a combination of the other two types and is the most common.

I have found a selection of websites/blogs that deal with and show ADHD stories;

There are a lot of ADHD blogs, some telling you about the condition and how to deal with it and others are peronsal storys and about living with the condition or living with someone who has the condition.

I am finding it interesting reading about other people’s storys and knowledge but the more I research the more I want to focus on my own family and the way in which we deal with it our family. My next step is talk to some of my family about how they feel and what they think about ADHD. Also ‘m hoping to find some old family images relevant to my project.

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