The Final #phonar Task: ‘A Life in the Day’ research…

Nico, left


Nico, right


Nico, right


Nico, left
















This is my brother Nico, he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 10, he’s 24 now. He looked/looks just like any normal person, and to be fair he is  just like any normal person. He grew up with a loving family, plenty of toys, normal schooling ect and now has a normal job with a normal bedroom (still at home might I add) with a normal things. Just because he was labelled with this condition, ADHD, doesn’t make him any different from any one else apart from certain behaviorisms. He has a massive lack of patience (but funnily enough can sit and do a jigsaw for hours on end), he is short tempered and isnt the cleverist. But these things have never stopped him in life, growing up his condition was always made to be worse than what is actually was. When my brother was diagnosed ADHD it was only just getting recognition in Britian as in originated in America. This meant that it was made out to be a really big deal and that it was a massive problem, nowadays ADHD is very common in Britian and naughty children with bad behaviour are more commonly being diagnosed with ADHD more for an excuse. When my brother was diagnosed he was but on Ritalin but has been off ADHD medication for nearly 5 years now.

Ritalin, a trade name for the prescription drug methylphenidate, is a central nervous system stimulant. (Its effects are similar to, but more potent than, caffeine and less potent than amphetamine.) Ritalin often is prescribed to treat individuals (mostly children) who are diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).


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