I have been thinking recently about what sort of images I want to include in my final major project and after looking into images such as Sally Mann’s ‘Immediate family’ that sparked controversy of child porn, I wanted to look into child photography and the advantages and disadvantages.

I was showing  my parents some images that I have taken of Joe recently and there was one photo in particular that caused a debate , a photo of Joe in the shower, naked. As soon as my step-father saw the images his reaction was obvious that he wouldn’t and doesn’t like the idea of the image being on the internet or for people to see. The conversation then went on to talk about how images of this kind have caused controversy over the years and then about how Joe himself would feel seeing these particular images now and in 10 years time.

I then went onto to speak to my brother Joe about how he feels when I am photographing him, I asked him if he minds me taking his pictures all the time in which he replied no and then I asked him if he minds being the center of my final project in which he replied no. I then continued by showing him and telling about the image previously spoken about and whether or not he would mind that certain image being shown at an exhibition for other people to see in which he replied yes.

Therefore I have decided not to include any controversial images in my final project, even if I like the images personal, I don’t want to cause problems within my family and I have to respect that Joe had said himself that he doesn’t want those sort of images to be seen. I will  however continue to research and shoot Joe in all different kinds of ways just so I can get different aspects on how certain images make myself and other people feel.

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One Response to Controversy

  1. riajoynes says:

    thats really decent of you! i have just been reading a book about how parents/adults have a real closed mind about certain things, and how children are more open minded and honest. I think this has proved to you what direction to take your final images, since if you have to ask yourself about using these images, deep down you really knew you couldn’t or didn’t want to. With your honesty asking your parents and Joe about the images and getting the response you did i think its clearer! but your photographs of your brother are lovely, and you have captured the close intimacy of your relationship so well!!

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