Further artist research

This is a follow up post on the previous artist research from the book ‘Presumed Innocence’, I looked further into some of the photographers whose images I liked and found some further interesting images. I found this book and the photographers that I found really interesting because of the way in which there are lots of different photography styles within the book. As I have said previously my shots are very candid and capture one off moments whereas there are a lot of photographers who plan and pose their images but I like the fact that I have been able to see all these kinds of different ways of photography the family and especially children.

  • Anastasia Khoroshilvova ‘Toys
  • Angela Strassheim ‘Family Studies’
  • Catherine Angel ‘My Daughters’
  • Jocelyn Lee ‘Children’s Games’
  • Melissa Ann Pinney ‘Regarding Emma’
  • Michal Chelbin ‘Strangely Familiar’
  • Nicholas Prior ‘Age of Man’
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