Interesting quotes

“I don’t think children ever forget that a camera is looking at them.” – Esther Bubley

“Photographing children is a notoriously difficult art – one that requires great skill and patience on the part of the photographer. Ideally, one must capture a child’s sweetness without being cloying…record innocence and inexperience without being patronizing…distil the essence of childhood without being trite.” – Esther Bubley blurb

“How much do our personal, religious, and political beliefs affect our reading of the photograph?” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“On a personal level, there is the natural desire to document moments in time before they disappear.” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“Children have always been an alluring subject because they are seen as a blank state, vulnerable and malleable, on whom adult hopes, wishes and expectations can be projected.” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“When photographers use their own children as subjects, additional questions about objectivity arise. How manipulative is the photographer-parent in directing the pose and attitude of the child? Are the parent and child collaborators in the making of the images? Are certain representations more or less acceptable if the photographer is the child’s parent?” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“Mann’s images of her children reflect the complex identities we ascribe to children; they are alternately seen as angles, devils, provocateurs, and victims, as well as innocent, confident, confrontational, and mature beyond their years.” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“In the end, it is the stories that we invent about the children in these photographs that hold our interest.” – Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

“Pictures of children are at once the most common, the most sacred, and the most controversial images of our time. They guard the cherished ideal of childhood innocence, and they can also betray it. No subject seems cuter or more sentimental, and we take none more for granted, yet pictures of children have proved dangerously difficult to understand or control.” – Anne Higonnet

“In the broadest sense, the images we have of childhood now is just that – an image.” – Anne Higonnet

“Sexual meanings are now being ascribed to photographs of children both past and present, whether because of what is in the photograph or what is in the eye of the beholder.” – Anne Higonnet

“Popular family photography is about universals. Its subjects gaze, pose and posture echo a historical and societal norm of the notion of ‘happy families’, which allegedly transcends class, age and race, and makes us all look the same.” – Leanne Klein 

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