Comparing research

I’ve been looking back through all of my artist research and noticed a lot of differences between the photographers and my work. The majority of photographs are of a kind of posed portraiture style or very serious whereas I find my images extremely candid snapshots. I’ve found it interesting looking at all these photographers and the different ways to be able to photograph the family, I feel like it has helped give me a better understanding about the ways in which the family can be portrayed. I like the way my images are snapshots of everyday life and the fact that they are not posed gave me the opportunity to establish a relationship between me, Joe and the camera. And I feel that this is visible in my images because of the way I can capture Joe in a quite moment either watching TV or playing a game and he won’t react to me or the camera but on the other hand if i disturb him while he’s doing something I capture moments of his anger and annoyance towards me.

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