Feedback from presentation

My main feedback was to think further about the way in which I want my FMP to be exhibited. My first idea was the have either 6/8 images simply pinned to the wall, I liked this idea because I didn’t want my images in frames as I thought they might look like the belong on a mantle piece at a home. After I said this, white frames were suggested because they would look a lot more contemporary, this is something that I am going to consider and think about.

Another option I was given was to print quite a lot of small images so that I drew the audience in to my work and made them come and look closer. I really liked this idea as I found it would work well with the intimacy aspect of my work and also my previous images that I shot of Joe when I was in college were printed small and I found that they worked really well. I do feel like this would work as I am currently struggling to get my images down to 6/8 images so it would be good as I get to use the majority of images that I have shot.











(those are only rough drawing plans, I was just having a play around)

I need to think a lot more about how I want my FMP to look in the exhibition, I’ve decided to print my images, cheaply, and to put them up on a wall and look at which direction works best for my images.

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