Image editing

I was looking back through my collection of images from this project and decided to play around with the hue & saturation, and look at my images look in black & white. I chose to do this because of the images I took of Joe in college were in black & white and thought about continuing in this style so that my old and new images work together and it would allow me to see whether this style works best for future reference.

I found that some images worked well with the black & white theme and looked good alongside my old images of Joe but on the other hand I found a lot of the images became really flat and just didn’t look as good as the images in colour. Therefore I have decided to stick with the original colour images but at least I know for future reference that black & white images work well to a certain aspect and in certain images.

I must admit my one main reason why I preferred the images in colour was because of the fact that Joe has ginger hair, I think the colour of his hair is really strong and prominent within my images which pushes the personal concept of my images even further.

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