Problems and difficulties

After my presentation on Wednesday and the feedback regarding the way in which my images are going to be presented in the exhibition I needed to look in to the sizing and display of my images. I printed all my images on A4 paper ( 8 images per A4 paper) and tried to play around with how my images would look so small on the wall and how much space I was allowed to have.

After a few hours (and some help with the maths) I realized that the measurements and calculations were wrong!! But this kind of helped with the progression of how much space I am giving myself and how I am going to set my images upon the wall.

I have in total around 130 images (not all need to be used) and have been thinking what the best way to show them all would be. My initial idea was to have them in a square shape  on the wall but after further thoughts I felt that this wouldn’t work as people would potentially be having to look high and bend down to see certain images. This then lead on to the idea of having the images displayed in a long rectangle, this would enable the images to be at a constant head height as well as a long width.


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