Reflective summary

Looking back at my final major project I, personally, feel like I have accomplished a good quality of work and research. As this has been a subject that I have always been interested in and not worked with in a while I have enjoyed going back and looking into family photography and being able to focus my photography around Joe has really encouraged me to see what I like most about photography.

I have discovered many new practitioners that work within family photography which has given me a chance to look at and see how others see family photography, the artists that I have researched have really helped in the development of my project because I was able to see what aspects of family photography that I like and that I don’t like.

I have been really happy with feedback through out the project, mainly on how to present my work in the exhibition because my initial ideas of presentation were good but I am happy that I have been able to show a large quantity of my work. I had a lot of images of Joe from this project and was finding it really difficult having to edit them down and pick 6/8 images but the ideas I got from feedback gave me the opportunity to showcase a lot more of my images therefore I didn’t have to pick and choose between my favorite images.

There wasn’t too many problems that occurred during my project, my main difficulty was the mounting. I found it hard getting the measurements correct and figuring out how much space/how many images I was going to be able to use. With a little help and focus in the end I was able to work out the best way for my images to be presented and the mounting became a lot easier. I was also struggling on how the final piece would look when it wasn’t on the wall as I feel that it won’t be a completed piece until it is mounted and screwed to the wall, but when laid out on the floor with all components together I was able to see how it will potentially look and I am really happy with the final piece.

I feel this project could easily continue in the future and it is definitly something I would like to carry on with. Joe has been a big focus within my photography and I hope in the future I can do similar projects like this which will show a progress of not only my photography work but also show the progression and development of Joe, which I feel will be a really interesting aspect for both myself and Joe to look back on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and really feel like I have come along way with it. I hope that my project is appreciated at the exhibition and that people take an interest in my work and also an interest in Joe.

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